Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October 2009
as part of the Canterbury Festival

Blackvanilla Gallery
66 Cornwallis Circle, Whitstable, Kent. CT1 5DT

Sixteen artists who were invited to submit one piece of work for exhibition complying with the following instructions:

Take a ground (a sheet of paper, etc..)
Divide into FOUR pieces (cut, tear. etc..)
On one piece ‘draw’ dots (or circles), using ONE colour
On one piece ‘draw’ ‘straight’ lines, using TWO colours
On one piece ‘draw’ triangles, using THREE colours
On one piece ‘draw’ squares, using FOUR colours
Mount the FOUR pieces together


The participating artists (click on the name for any further information):


e-mail address

 Alison Banks-Beckwith

 Becky Mair

 Cathy McTurk-Grun

 David Evershed

 Eric Murphy

 Estelle Jourd

 Gill Syrett

 Heather Defferary

 John Corfield

 Liz Shedden

 Rod Lupton

 Ruth Parkinson

 Steve Dorsett

 Wendy Corfield

 Wendy Maybourne

 Yvette West